7.5' Hot Tubs

Elevate your relaxation experience with our luxurious 7.5' hot tubs, designed to provide ample space and ultimate comfort for you and your loved ones. Perfect for larger gatherings or a serene solo retreat, these hot tubs offer an inviting and expansive environment. Crafted with premium materials and innovative technology, our 7.5' hot tubs deliver a superior spa experience that will enhance your outdoor living space.




Featuring sculpted multilevel seating for six  including a full-body Adirondack Chair for powerful neck-to-feet therapy.



Features  a symmetrical layout with seven multilevel seats, including two extra deep therapy seats positoned side-by-side with full-body massage. Every seat is able to reach the explosive Regal Whitewater-4 jet for powerful leg and foot therapy. Seats comfortably up to 7 adults.



Resort features a unique curvaceous design that delivers comfort and exceptional hydrotherapy with multilevel seating for five. Including, dual Adirondack chairs; one featuring Lumbar jets and the other featuring Shoulder jets, and both featuring powerful leg and foot jets. Two therapy seats and an entry/cooldown seat to complete the layout.



Seven hydromassage seats facing each other, it's the perfect setting for deep conversation. The two deep seats deliver Lumbar or Shoulder H.O.T. zone relief. One mid-height therapy seat features a broad cluster of H.O.T Zone jets to work all your back muscles. Seating for up to 7 adults.



Spirit's curved front entry offers an elegant approach, with four hydromassage seats for up to three people. The soothing lounge with Shoulder Zone jets and a deep therapy seat with Lumbar Zone Jets works all your back muscles. Plus a cooldown seat to lift your heart above the waterline, and makes it easier for entry and exit. Spirit offers seating for four adults.



Woodstock will become the gathering place for all your friends and family, with seating up to 7. The lounge features hydrotherapy from neck to feet.

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