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Pates Pool & Spa is proud to serve Central India and Indianapolis since 1968. With decades of pool service and pool cleaning experience, we have grown into one of the largest pool service companies in the region. We provide cleaning, installation, repair, covers, and hot tub sales and covers.

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Pool Service

We take care of the maintenance, cleaning, and technology so that you can enjoy your backyard, stress-free! Whether you have problems with your pump, heater, filter, or liner, our team of experienced experts provide fast and reliable pool service to your home or business. Our service offerings include:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Seasonal pool opening & closing
  • Pool care parts & installation
  • Pool covers
  • Pool inspections
  • Hot tub sales and maintenance
  • Leak detection
  • Pool care automation

Pool Cleaning

Is your pool looking worse for wear, or suffering from an overgrowth of algae? Our pool cleaning team can help! It's a good idea to drain, clean, and refill your pool every three to five years. Occasional pool cleaning will extend the life of your pool, keep the water free, and avoid trouble with build-up and debris in your filtering systems.

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Routine Pool Services

Weekly maintenance for your pool or hot tub is key to maintaining the value of your investment. By scheduling regular inspections you'll likely avoid more costly repairs down the line. Our professional pool care staff provides routine maintenance by the week or chosen intervals as needed.

Professional Pool Pumps and Filters

Our company provides the best-in-class technology when it comes to effective, energy-efficient, and quiet pool pumps. Not only do the newest generation of pumps get the job done, their energy-saving design will reduce your monthly operations costs! With automated programming, mobile apps, and energy-efficient models, customers have more options than ever to improve their pool service solutions.

Pool Inspections

Anyone purchasing a home with a swimming pool should schedule a pool inspection to ensure that the facilities are in good condition. Our professional pool inspection company is equipped to assess any issues with each component of your pool, including the deck, the coping and mastic, pool liner, drains, lights, handrails, diving boards, filters, pumps, heaters, plumbing and timers. Once your inspection is completed, we will note any need for repair or replacement parts.

Auto Cover Box Maintenance

In addition to regular checks on chemicals and filters, your pool maintenance should include monthly or yearly care of your auto box cover. Our pool maintenance team makes this easy by regularly spraying out the tracks, checking for clogs, leaks, and corrosion.

Salt Cell Cleaning

During the height of the swimming season it's important to check your salt cell once a month. During our pool service, our team will check for calcium scale buildup within the salt cell. This step is key in making sure that your salt cell can effectively generate chlorine. Not sure how to check your salt cell? Book a pool maintenance service with our professional team today!


Sand Change Service for Pool Maintenance

Your pool filter uses sand to assist the filtering and cleaning of the water. Over time, the sand particles become smooth and can no longer trap the debris in your swimming pool. Our company recommends a sand change every three to five years to ensure the cleanliness of your swimming pool.

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Pool Liner & Pool Walls

Strong and sturdy pool walls are key to the life of your investment. Not only do they contribute to the strength of the structure, but they influence the look and feel of your property. Vinyl-liner swimming pools are a great option for home and business owners, offering easy installation and care. Are you a first-time pool owner? Get in touch with our team for additional information on pool liner patterns and colors.

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Chlorine and Chemicals Consulting

The ideal chlorine level for your pool depends on the size of your pool, the type of chlorine you are using, and the chemical-delivery method. For example, a smaller pool using an automatic chlorinator will have different service needs than a larger pool utilizing a skimmer. Our team can go over the various pool chemicals on the market and help you make the best choice for your needs.

Pool Cover Design & Maintenance

At Pates Pool & Spa we provide the best pool covers on the market. We select pool covers with extra safety features to prevent accidents with children, pets, or guests to your home. Our pool covers are built from extremely strong materials and are fixed with heavy-duty springs and brass anchors. These features offer the best safety and protection for you and your family.

Hot Tub Sales

At Pates Pool and Spa, we don't just service pools- we also sell an amazing range of luxury hot tubs and hot tub accessories. Whether you are looking to replace an old hot tub or add a hot tub to your backyard or deck, our team of spa specialists can recommend the right design for your needs and space. And today's energy-efficient models are created to maximize comfort while saving on your monthly costs. You can choose from high-tech, contemporary options or traditional and elegant wood-paneled varieties.

Free Quote for Service, Repairs and Maintenance

Whether you need routine care, an inspection for a new property, advice on pool filtration systems, or a new spa cover, you can get started with a free and easy quote online. Our customer service team will review your needs and reach out with more information and next steps. All of our quotes are free and we are always happy to provide guidance on the most challenging pool and spa questions.


For over 40 years Pates Pool and Spa has maintained a great reputation for outstanding service. Our competitive advantage is our employees. We only hire the best local talent and train our staff to deliver first-rate customer service. In fact, some of our incredible team members have proudly represented the Pates team for more than 25 years. All of our team members are trained and background checked, so you will feel confident in their professionalism and reliability.

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