Think of your spa as a giant bathtub, but you don't drain it after every use. After awhile, body oils, cosmetics, and other body fluids build up in the water overtime.

Regardless, of how many and what  chemicals you are using the water does need to be changed.  As the oils and containments build up overtime, they pass through your filter and plumbing. The filter does its job and gets most of it, but after so much it gets tired, and starts to build up and create a layer of biofilm. Which is bits of bacteria and fungi going down the pipes and they make a home there.

How to tell when it is time for a drain and clean?

  • Hot tub starts to smell
  • Water will not clear, no matter what chemicals you add
  • You have been using your spa a lot more then usual
  • You have had more guests in the hot tub then usual
  • The hot tub has been sitting

We recommend every 3 months, to keep your spa in good standing.

Do you think your spa needs a good deep clean and refresh? Call and schedule today! 

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