EZ Pool contains stable oxidizer, algaecide, clarifier, scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers to keep swimming pool water clean, clear and trouble free. EZ Pool provides a proactive water care program that prevents problems instead of treating them on a reactive basis after problem arise.

  • Use just once a week!
  • Less chemicals, testing and hassle!
  • No waiting to swim, doesn't leave a harsh chemical residue on hair, skin or bathing suits.


Oxy Splash is an excellent alternative for routine shocking with chlorine. It works by breaking down chlorine byproducts and reducing chlorine consumption in pool water.

Oxy Splash contains one of the highest percentages of Active Oxygen and is sage for frequent use in pools and spas. Swimming can resume just 15 minutes after dosing.



Pepper is the perfect pair for salt water pools. It is a special blend of select ingredients formulated to work specifically with the unique demands of salt water pools. Adding Pepper to your pool will enhance water quality, protect equipment, and reduce overall maintenance.

  • Increases the life and performance of the salt water generator
  • Improve sanitizer effectiveness
  • Greatly enhance water clarity
  • Limit troublesome pH fluctuations
  • Prevents scale buildup on the generator cell, pool equipment and surfaces
  • Help maintain low phosphate levels
  • No waiting to swim!
  • Use just twice a month!
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