Featuring 4 different collections, you are sure to discover your perfect hot tub to benefit your individual lifestyle. Each spa features advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance.



Summit has three side-by-side Adirondack Chairs to pamper every inch of your body. Across the way, four adjacent hydromassage seats deliver soothing relief. Seats up to 7 adults.

The Epic


Featuring sculpted multilevel seating for six  including a full-body Adirondack Chair for powerful neck-to-feet therapy.



Features  a symmetrical layout with seven multilevel seats, including two extra deep therapy seats positoned side-by-side with full-body massage. Every seat is able to reach the explosive Regal Whitewater-4 jet for powerful leg and foot therapy. Seats comfortably up to 7 adults.



Seven hydromassage seats facing each other, it's the perfect setting for deep conversation. The two deep seats deliver Lumbar or Shoulder H.O.T. zone relief. One mid-height therapy seat features a broad cluster of H.O.T Zone jets to work all your back muscles. Seating for up to 7 adults.



Resort features a unique curvaceous design that delivers comfort and exceptional hydrotherapy with multilevel seating for five. Including, dual Adirondack chairs; one featuring Lumbar jets and the other featuring Shoulder jets, and both featuring powerful leg and foot jets. Two therapy seats and an entry/cooldown seat to complete the layout.



Spirit's curved front entry offers an elegant approach, with four hydromassage seats for up to three people. The soothing lounge with Shoulder Zone jets and a deep therapy seat with Lumbar Zone Jets works all your back muscles. Plus a cooldown seat to lift your heart above the waterline, and makes it easier for entry and exit. Spirit offers seating for four adults.



Four multilevel seats cater to every body type, including an elevated seat for warming up or cooling down. Plus, a full body lounge, with ample room to cradle you in comfort features Lumbar Zone jets, deep therapy seat delivers Shoulder jets. Plus two unique seats and cooldown seat. Wish provides seating up to five adults.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Wish is donated to Make-A-Wish.

Explore at your leisure about the Crown, and begin your dream backyard.



Looking for a large hot tub? The V94 seven person hot tub is perfect for you! 94 square inches provides all the room you need.



A large hot tub, featuring a lounger. Similar to the V94, the V94L seats one less personal but adds a full-body Commander's Lounge. Whitewater-4 jet delivers exhilarating therapy to your legs and feet.

The V84 six person hot tub allows you to relax with your family, year-round. A total of 36 Jetpods allow you to receive a customized massage. And five V3 Throttle Control valves let you target your trouble spots.


A five person hot tub assures you and your friends are going to have a wonderful time. Easily find your perfect therapy seat, plus a Commander's Lounge to provide head-to-toe relief.



Five person hot tub is going to become your family's place of conversation zone. Plenty of seating positions to accommodate everyone's personal needs. The Commander's Lounge lets you stretch your legs.



The V65L sits up to three, and with its compact size it fts tights spaces. A comfortable Commander's Lounge lets you really relax.

Explore on your own about the Vector, and begin your dream backyard.



Woodstock will become the gathering place for all your friends and family, with seating up to 7. The lounge features hydrotherapy from neck to feet.



Featuring unique seating positions, providing comfort for six people and includes two deep therapy seats, two side seats, one mid-level seat, a super-deep soak seat and a bonus entry step. Also features a Whitewater-4 jet leg therapy and water wall.



Siting a party of six, this generous seating includes a Laid Back Lounge with jets from neck to feet, two deep therapy seats with full-back therapy, two bucket seats and a high therapy seat.



Creative arrangement seating features a wraparound seat, a super-deep Director's Chari with fantastic leg therapy, another deep seat for total back therapy and two more seats at varying height. Seats up to five.



Accommodating a group of five, this round hot tub has a generous lounge with jets from neck to feet, two deep therapy seats with full back therapy and two bucket seats. With the convenient 120 volt plug-and play system you can locate it just about anywhere.



Perfect personal hot tub for you and a companion, with seating for three. Relax in the lounge or chat with your partner in the therapy seat next to you. Nashville features a 120 volt plug-and-play convenience.

Explore on your own about the Elite collection.

Options and Accessories

240V Performance Upgrade

240V Performance Upgrade

On selected 120 volt hot tubs, this optional upgrade replaces the standard 120 GPM pump with a higher flow rate 160GPM pump. In addition it upgrades the minim electrical service requirements to 240 volts and 30 amps and is also compatible with 50 amp service. Eligible models include:

  • Vector21 Series: V65L
  • Marquis Elite Series: Monaco Elite and Nashville Elite
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: Broadway and Nashville
Audio Options

Audio options

Perfect for hot tub parties, outdoor dining, relaxation and music therapy, the audio option builds an audio receiver, twin speakers, and a subwoofer into your hot tub. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, stream your favorite music, internet radio and more from your mobile device.
Control my spa

Control My Spa

Remotely control your Marquis hot tub using the ControlMySpa app installed on your Apple or Android device. Enjoy remote monitoring of your hot tub's water temperature and settings. Control pumps and lighting, schedule filtration cycles, and turn on MicroSilk.
covers and cover lifts

Covers and Cover Lifts

A premium hot tub cover is included with your new Marquis purchase. Replacement covers are available through us, Pates.

Cover lifts by Marquis, are designed to fit your Marquis hot tub, a cover lift makes it easier o open and close your hot tub.

Environments Modular Hot Tub Accessories

Environments Modular Hot Tub Accessories

Environments add functionality and amenity to your hot tub area. It is the perfect complement to your Marquis hot tub, sharing its color palette and design cues. Some benches also provide extra storage.
Full -Foam Insulation

Full -Foam Insulation

Keeping cold air away from hot tub's interior reduces heat loss and saves money on electric bill

  • Crown Collection: Standard feature on all models
  • Vector21 Series: Optional upgrade to the standard foam over plumbing on all models
  • Marquis Elite Series: Optional upgrade to the standard foam over plumbing on all models
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: Upgrade not available
In-Line Sanitation and Ozonator with Mazzei Injection

In-Line Sanitation and Ozonator with Mazzei Injection

On selected Marquis hot tubs, add one or both of these sanitation options to add convenience and share the workload of water care. When combined in ContstandClean, they help to reduce the concentration of sanitizer chemicals in your spa water.

  • Crown Collection: Standard on all models
  • Vector21 Series: Optional on all models
  • Marquis Elite Series: Optional on all models
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: Optional on all models (2020 and newer)
Lighting Options

Lighting Options

Add elegant multipoint LED lighting to the spa interior, accent lights on the spa exterior, as well as variable color modes and transitions.



MicroSilk is beneficial for skin health and beauty treatments, it is an oxygen facial for your entire body. It may also help relieve the symptoms of certain skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis

Two-Pump Upgrade

Two-Pump Upgrade

Pumps are the heart of a hot tub, and contribute directly to the hydrotherapy experience. On selected one-pump models, a second (or, auxiliary) pump may be added to enhance hot tub performance. Eligible models include:

  • Vector21 Series: V77L
  • Marquis Elite Series: Broadway Elite
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: Not available
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